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Our haircutting service is becoming a popular trend for several reasons, including convenience and safety. First, we offer professional haircuts at affordable rates. Customers can choose from different hairstyles and ask the stylist to perform a sample cut. This way, they can choose the style and price that best suits their needs. We are your #1 luxury salon in Kolkata that will meet your needs without hassle.

We can customize your shaving experience. We apply essential oils to the client’s face by rubbing them onto the towel while the skin is still damp. These scents create a relaxing scent that keeps the client’s mind at ease upon application. Thus, the process of shaving becomes much more relaxing than in your ordinary salon. This makes Dylan International Unisex Salon the #1 luxury salon in Kolkata!

Regardless of your hair’s natural color, it can be enhanced with our #1 hair color service. Highlights, lowlights, and highlights on short hair can be achieved with various color services. Highlights are a great way to add dimension to your hair. If you are not sure which service to choose, contact us directly, and our trained professionals will guide you accordingly. There are also different options available, including permanent color, balayage, ombre, etc.

Our pedicure service is for you if you’re constantly on your feet. These services can help you get rid of calluses and ingrown toenails. We also include extra relaxation techniques, like a peppermint foot scrub, to rejuvenate the skin. We will also spend extra time on hardened calluses. You can even choose a pedicure that features nail polish!

Nail shapes are one of the most distinguishing characteristics of our manicure service. Several options are available, from rounded to pointed to square or blunt. Natural nails can be shaped if they are strong and healthy. Artificial nails, however, can provide dramatic shaping options. We look forward to serving you with our professional unisex salon services! We hope you enjoy your next manicure!

Regardless of which type of service you choose, we will always provide superior quality service. The wax we apply is highly effective for the type of hair you’re targeting and will not leave behind any sticky residue. We will apply it to the skin correctly and use proper pre and post-waxing products to soothe the skin and minimize redness.

Our facial service is an excellent way to rejuvenate your skin. Our esthetician chooses different masks for each client. While the mask is working, they will also add a final massage. Hand, scalp, or scalp massages are common options for final treatments. A final mask can include sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer.

Our piercing services are at a reasonable price. Plus, you can always ask us for a sample piercing kit before you get started. Then, wait no more and visit the best hair salon in Kolkata for ladies!

When you visit a hair straightening service, you’ll notice a significant difference in the quality of your hair. Our process involves nine different steps, each involving different chemicals, tools, and techniques. First, your hair will be pre-treated with a pre-treatment solution that protects it from heat and chemicals. Once this solution is applied, a process called activation will begin. Then, the process will take anywhere from five minutes to an hour, depending on your hair’s length, curl pattern, and the number of strands.